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Christal J. Consulting & Financial Solutions' clients include singles, married couples, single parents, families, and even those who say "it's complicated." Clients are located across the country, as Christal is licensed in 18 states.

I am writing to strongly recommend Christal Johnson as a Financial Coach. Having been in attendance at her Financial Literacy event which she led at Syracuse University, I can attest to her charisma with people and passion for helping others. Christal was warm and personable in getting to know her audience before delivering her content. She made the content tangible and easy to understand.

Personally, I learned so much through her explanation of the Strong Financial House model and Income Protection breakdown. What I learned from her during that one hour presentation will benefit me for years down the road.
After attending her presentation, I took advantage of the personal financial consultation in which she offered complimentary to everyone in the audience. When we met, it was like talking with an old friend. The discussion about my financial situation was comprehensive, and Christal offered great advice and opportunities through her services. The objectives of her business were clear, and she offered many services, but Christal gave me the power to decide. I appreciated her encouraging approach and friendly demeanor.
For all these reasons, I praise Christal’s abilities as a Financial Literacy Coach. With her enthusiasm and dedication to financial wellness for all, I recommend Christal as your coach.


Alisha Arnsparger 
Assistant Residence Director
Syracuse University

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